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Vertical Garden Design (VGD)


We believe vertical gardens deserve the same approach and attention to detail as traditional gardens. Layers, texture, contrast, color and blooming are properties we consider when creating vertical gardens that are more than simply green walls.

Each design and plant selection is based on the project specific conditions. Choosing the right plants for the right location is key to ensuring a healthy, functional and beautiful garden. We use a large variety of species and continually seek to identify new plants to add to our designs.

VGD's landscape architect develops a CAD-based planting plan for each project. Local climate, sun exposure and architectural context are factors considered when selecting plants and drafting the plant arrangement.

Vertical Garden Planters

Vertical Garden Planters are none other than that, using lesser space to grow plants (vegetables or flowers, or herbs, even root crops), often using containers that shall be hanged on sunlit walls. Traditional gardeners have performed comparable things with climbing plants for centuries by constructing fences. Vertical gardening move towards further by providing non-climbing plants a space on the wall.

Vertical garden planters occupy little space and are comfortable to harvest & easier to maintain. Though, they have their own restrictions.

Vertical gardening is one of the most pleasing and flexible gardening systems. If you are able to get a harvest from container gardens and vertical gardens then there is no problem.


Vertical gardens can be installed indoors and outdoors, and we can tailor them to any shape. Each garden weighs less than 25 kg per square meter, and comes with an integrated drip irrigation system that automatically waters and fertilizes the plants.

Our durable, multi-layered PhytoTex® planting felt holds a high density of plants, producing a green and lush garden right from the start. By imitating growing conditions in natural vertical landscapes, it creates an optimal environment for the plants.

The installation process is straightforward and fast. The team transfers the planting plan onto the felt and then inserts the plants accordingly. The combination of accent plants and group plantings gives a lush impression already at this stage.

Installation of the vertical garden in Espaço Espelho d'Água.