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Welcome to Gover Horticulture LLC

Gover Horticulture LLC located in Dubai, UAE is a leading trade name for Horticultural products for the past many years. Promoted by entrepreneurs, who have vast experience in this field, we offer the entire range of products and services for traders and contractors in horticulture.

We distribute planters, plant pots and other accessories to professionals and traders involved in Interior and Exterior Landscaping. Our warehouses in Al Qous and Al Qesais store a wide range of horticultural products ready for delivery to clients in the GCC countries on a daily basis.

Metal planters are very strong and attractive. So they are highly relevant for indoor plants and integrating the decoration of shopping malls, airports and offices. The contemporary interior enriched with the presence of plants in decorative metal plant pots.

Even though we think that a large metal planter could easily look overbearing; however there are so many diverse styles, shapes and colors that they are really a very versatile pot, and can fit into many places. Metal plant pots are a very popular choice when it comes to larger planters, as they have a simple elegance which works in many places. But if you want your plants to stand out, then there are many other options.

Stainless Steel and Aluminium planters are designed and manufactured by us in our factory in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Whereas FRP ( Fibre reinforced Plastic) and Fibre stone planters are produced by our specialized partners in China, Vietnam and Philippines. In many cases they are manufactured exclusively for us and we own designs and formulations. This allows us to control our position in the GCC as a credible and reliable supplier in this range of products.