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Gover Horticulture LLC located in Dubai, UAE is a leading trade name for Horticultural products for the past many years. Promoted by entrepreneurs, who have vast experience in this field, we offer the entire range of products and services for traders and contractors in horticulture.

We distribute planters, plant pots and other accessories to professionals and traders involved in interior and exterior landscaping. Our warehouses in Al Qous and Al Qesais store a wide range of horticultural products ready for delivery to clients in the GCC countries on a daily basis.

Stainless Steel and Aluminium planters are designed and manufactured by us in our factory in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Whereas FRP ( Fibre reinforced Plastic) and Fibre stone planters are produced by our specialized partners in China, Vietnam and Philippines. In many cases they are manufactured exclusively for us and we own designs and formulations. This allows us to control our position in the GCC as a credible and reliable supplier in this range of products.

Garden Centre Dubai

Some of the important brands we represent are LECHUZA, CLADO, Plants First Choice, Plastecnic along with our own GOVER range of Planters. We also represent Claire garden tools and CLADO Garden Hoses.

We also offer a wide range of Gardening and Horticultural products which include Garden Tools, Garden Hoses, Fertilisers, Decorative stone pebbles etc.

We deliver our products from our warehouses in UAE to all parts of the GCC countries using reliable transporting companies who can handle products according to our standards. As a professionally managed company we always utilize our ability to match the typical operative requirements of our clients and come up with products which match market trends.

We supply to wholesalers as well as retailers in horticulture business. Consumers are also welcome to contact us as we can refer you to the nearest dealer of GOVER HORTICULTURE LLC.

We offer almost any type of plant container, flower pots and plant pots. If you cannot see what you are looking for, give us a call or e-mail, gover@emirates.net.ae

Our Vision

To be the world class provider of choice in delivering best products in horticulture industry and valueservices to our clients while embracing Quality, Safety, and Environmental friendly practices and employee welfare as core valuein accomplishing our mission with the objective of complete customer satisfaction. We are constantly striving to create an environment that is cleaner, greener and environmentally, a safer world for our children to live in. To this end, we Endeavour to provide products and services that enhance the quality of life around us.

Our Mission

We aim to build an enterprise that is far reaching in its network across gulf, with commitment to excellence in distribution of products and services while maintaining the highest standard in quality to complement the fostering/development of an environmentally healthy world.

Delivering value based service solutions to our clients in the areas of Landscaping and Gardening by our highly trained professionals. Always stick to the best practices and transparent operations for the sustainable long term benefit of all clients.

Our Pledge

We continually set our standards high. The way we work is governed by a series of principles. We work in partnership with our clients and constantly strive to strengthen our relationships through flexibility, efficiency and proactively.

Our commitment to satisfaction differentiates us from other companies. We value our clients and are dedicated to providing high standards of products and services.

We offer unrivalled Products and Services by our extensive experience and partnerships across the globe. Our own manufacturing and sourcing helps us to offer best products and service.

Our Values

Respect for Natural Resources: We understand the need to conserve and respect the value of our natural resources. We believe that we have a responsibility as a generation to preserve our resources so that our future generation is able to live in a better world.

Commitment to Excellence: We believe that to offer products and services which are the best that an individual can afford translates directly into providing quality of life.

Dependability: Our strength lies in our ability to maintain customer satisfaction as our highest priority and address every single need of each customer who comes in contact with us.