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CASCADA Color slate All-in-One Set

Space-saver: Each CASCADA Color planter holds up to 13 plants.

  • Shatter Proof
  • Ultralight
  • Suitable for Indoor Planting
  • UV-resistant
  • high-quality plastic

LECHUZA's new CASCADA Color planter is an all-in-one wonder: It's a strawberry pot, herb garden, flower tower and, most importantly, it flexibly adapts to any environment. Its modular design lets you combine up to 3 individual planters to form a tower.

The Unique Advantages

in All-in-One set included

stand-alone planter + sub-irrigation set


2 x planter + expansion set for 2-pc tower = 2-pc tower


3 x planter + expansion set for 3-pc tower = 3-pc tower